#AMonthofFaves : Routines and Habits of a Newbie Blogger. 8 Things That Worked and 6 That Didn’t #bloggingdosanddonts

WED. | Dec 12

#AMonthofFaves Routines, Habits and Changes. What Worked this Year and/or What Didn’t.

I’ve been doing this blogging thing since May and have been trying lots of new things in an effort to see what OrangeCountyReaders should be when it grows up. What’s the focus? What do I have time for? What are the best bloggers doing? Is there a value?

It’s been a learning experience and here’s a few things I’ve figured out!

What worked?

Bullet Journaling – Daily calendar, daily habits, gratitude, goals, blogger stats. All in one place. Visual. Analog. Physical.

Cross Promotion– Using Instagram stories to send visitors to the blog. Adding fun gifs and animations and “click the link in bio” and “find out more by visiting our blog” seems to work.

Links on Instagram – Linktree. Why isn’t everyone using it? You only get one chance to link in Instagram. Make it do more.

Hashtags – it’s not pretty but lots of bloggers use hashtags in the titles of their posts. It helps make your post searchable and findable.

DisplayPurposes.com – know which hashtags are relevant and which ones are overused. Easy copy/paste.

Community– Joining reader/blog challenges, actively participating with commenters and signing up for book swaps/exchanges = an introverts paradise!

Planning – Prewriting and scheduling posts. Being realistic about available time. Drafting posts once a week for what you have planned, even if it’s just a title and the blog signature.

Duh. Reading – Buddy Reads and reader challenges got me reading (and completing) and discussing more diverse books in new genres by new to me authors.

What didn’t work?

Too many posts – trying to do too many recurring posts. My goal is no more than three recurring posts per week. (It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? | Top Ten Tuesday | First Line Fridays.)

FOMO – Joining too many reader/blog/tag challenges. There’s only so much time in the day!

Neglected Pages / Platforms – Forgetting to update site pages (events calendar, etc). Neglecting to cross-promote blog posts on other social media. Sorry, Twitter and Facebook.

Where’s Waldo – Not using consistent tags and categories. Going back to find anything is impossible.

Quantity over Quality – Signing up for too many/wrong genre blog tours. Be patient and don’t agree to review books simply because you need content.

Post Envy – Seeing someone’s TTT post and deciding at 630 a.m. to write a complete post with pictures and links.

QOTD: What are some of your favorite do’s and don’ts for successful blogging?

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