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Updated 1/22/19

OrangeCountyReaders is a book review blog with special emphasis on authors who live in Southern California.

Hi Book Friends! I’m glad you’re here.

I’ve had a life long love affair with books. Beginning with L. M. Montgomery and Betty Smith and graduating to Ken Follett and Pat Conroy and Anne Rice and Sidney Sheldon.  Nowadays I’m usually reading the latest Michael Connelly or Lucinda Riley or Colleen Hoover. Lots of historical fiction and suspense. J. T. Ellison and Sandra Block and Caroline Kepnes know how to keep me on the edge of my chair. New authors  like Janna King and Amy Doan and Kate Quinn are also on my radar!

You can find me usually driving around Orange County with an iced coffee hiding out at Blackmarket Bakery, hunting for Little Free Libraries or leaving books in public spaces for people to find, read and pass along.  Do you believe in Book Fairies? I do!

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Updated 4/15/19: I have decided to change the way books are reviewed on this blog. I’m no longer using a starred rating system.

  • I happily accept reviews of the following categories of books; Young Adult, Mystery/Thriller, Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction and Historical Fiction.
  • Reviews will generally be completed in 4 weeks or within 5 days of publishing date.
  • Please Email orangecountyreads@yahoo.com for more information

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