Discussion Post: Dust Jackets or Naked Books? #letsdiscuss2019 #thoughtfulthursday

Literary critic Michelle Dean wrote an article in 2013 for Flavorwire where she confessed, Every hardcover that comes into my possession is desecrated, almost immediately, insofar as I automatically remove the dust jacket and often transport it directly to the trash.” 

Okay does that statement stress anyone else out?!

I have been known to peek under a dust jacket but I don’t think I could deliberately toss them out!

I love cover art. I’m fascinated by color and font choice and how the imagery reflects the story. I’m intrigued by marketing trends and appreciate how many meetings and phone calls and hours graphic designers worked to come up with an acceptable design.

5 Things Every Author Needs to Understand about Book Cover Design – Huffington Post

I also believe the dust jacket protects the book from smudges and fingerprints and the flap doubles as a bookmark!

What’s your favorite way to display your hardcovers? Jackets or no?

Do you take the dust jacket off when you’re reading and then put it back on?

Let’s discuss!

Here are the same stack of books with and without the dust jacket. The cover of Joyful is gorgeous!!Thoughts?

Want to see some gorgeous vintage dust jackets? https://www.abebooks.com/books/features/vintage-dust-jackets.shtml

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