Discussion Post: Too Many Books? | #letsdiscuss2019 #thoughtfulthursday

Are you a book “hoarder” or book “minimalist”?

What do you think about owning multiple copies/editions of a certain title?

What’s considered “too many” books? Have you ever counted your books?

If space and money weren’t an issue would you feel differently about having a personal library?

Let’s discuss!

I have too many books. Yes. My hubby Some people would say so. I admit it. I’m a bookaholic. I love them. I love owning them and reading them.

I hold onto lots of things for mostly sentimental reasons. Boxes of tickets stubs, photos, cards, old journals and school reports… I love looking through these physical, tactile reminders and memories.

It’s the same with physical books. I love the different colors and textures and sizes. I’m enamored by cover art and deckled pages. Check out the endpapers in The Library Book by Susan Orlean and the cover of Ship It by Britta Lundin without the dust jacket if you have the chance…

If you are more of a minimalist and prefer to pass your books on, I can appreciate the benefits of that choice too. (Less clutter and fewer book piles everywhere does have its appeal!)

Do you ever make an exception and hang onto a book? If so, what’s the criteria you use to justify keeping it?

Let’s discuss!

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